Alex Campolo: About

I am a Ph.D. candidate (expected 2018) in the Department of Media, Culture & Communication at New York University. Here is my most recent CV.

My dissertation, tentatively titled "Steering by Sight," describes the rise of data visualization as computational practice, drawing on the histories of twentieth century cybernetics, cognitive psychology, statistics, computer graphics, and even semiotics. The resulting informational modality of sight has now become common across a number of fields such as journalism, urban planning, and digital economies—with important political consequences.

My advisor on this project is Erica Robles-Anderson, and my committee members are Alexander Galloway and Stephen J. Collier.

Broader research interests include:
• Histories of digital media
• Contemporary French philosophy and critical theory.
• Recent work on Michel Foucault, particularly following the complete publication of his Collège de France lectures. For more see a recent translation and blog post via the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought.

I completed my M.A. in the School of Media Studies at the New School in 2012, advised by Shannon Mattern. My thesis (available on request) explored financial media of the late 19th century—namely, the stock ticker—the abstraction of stock prices, the sociology of financial markets of the time, and the rise of the theory of efficient markets.

I earned B.A. in comparative literature from the University of Virginia in 2009.

From 2011 to 2013 I worked as a research analyst at The Harmony Institute. This New York-based non-profit works to understand the the impact of entertainment on the social sector.

You can contact me at amc989 [at] nyu.edu or alexander.campolo [at] gmail.com.